Choke & Kill Manifold

Choke & Kill Manifold

Choke & KIll Manifold

The Choke and Kill Manifold is a necessary equipment for successful control of the oil well, with the implementation of oil and gas well pressure control technologies. The system can be remotely control if a hydraulic control cabinet module is added.

The system is designed and manufactured in accordance with API spec 16C/6A and they have been licensed to bear the monograms of API Spec 16C/6A. In addition, the system can be customised and manufactured according to requirement of the users.

  • Rated Working Pressure: 2000 psi ~ 15 000 psi 14 MPa ~ 105 MPa)
  • Bore Size: 2 1/16 in ~4 1/16 in ( 52 mm~103 mm)
  • Temperature Rating: P-U (-29 ~ 121°C), L- U ( -45 ~ 121 ° C)
  • Material Grade: DD-FF
  • Work Medium: Oil with carbon dioxide or hydrogen sulphide, natural gas, drilling fluid.